Table 1. Cranial Nerves Summary
Nerves in Order Modality Function
Olfactory Special Sensory Smell

Special Sensory

Oculomotor Somatic Motor

Visceral Motor
Levator palpebrae, superioris, superior, medial & inferior recti muscles

Parasympathetic to ciliary & pupillary constrictor muscles

Trochlear Somatic Motor Superior oblique muscle
Trigeminal Branchial Motor

General Sensory
Muscles of mastication

Sensory for head/neck, sinuses, meninges, & external surface of tympanic membrane
Abducens Somatic Motor Lateral rectus muscle
Facial Branchial Motor

Visceral Motor

General Sensory

Special Sensory
Muscles of facial expression

Parasympathetic to all glands of head except the parotid

Sensory for ear and tympanic membrane

Taste anterior two-thirds of tongue
Vestibulocochlear Special Sensory Hearing and Balance
Glossopharyngeal Branchial Motor

Visceral Motor

Visceral Sensory

General Sensory

Special Sensory
Stylopharyngeus muscle

Parotid Gland

Carotid Body

Sensation posterior one-third tongue & internal surface of tympanic membrane.

Taste posterior one-third tongue
Vagus Branchial Motor

Visceral Motor

Visceral Sensory

Special Sensory
Muscles pharynx & larynx

Parasympathetic to neck, thorax, & abdomen

Sensory  from pharynx, larynx & viscera

Sensory from external ear
Spinal Accessory Branchial Motor Trapezius & sternocleidomastoid muscles
Hypoglossal Somatic Motor Tongue muscles except palatoglossal