The primary objective is to aid teaching / learning Anatomy using radiological images.

See Neuroscience for radiological anatomy of the head and spine.

Principles of radiology and radiation including:

Normal Anatomy


Method of incorporation of the material in the curriculum:

  1. Intro to Radiology; Dr. Kenneth Pierce,MD
  2. Radiology of the Back and Upper Limb; Dr. Davide Bova, MD
  3. Radiology of the Head and Neck(1); Dr. Lotfi Hacein-Bey, MD
  4. Radiology of the Head and Neck (2); Dr. Lotfi Hacein-Bey, MD
  5. Radiology of the Thorax; Dr. Terrence C. Demos, MD
  6. Radiology of the Abdomen; Dr. Kathleen Ward, MD
  7. Radiology of the Pelvis; Dr. Nasir Iqbal, MD
  8. Radiology of the Lower Extremity; Dr. Marc Borge, MD
  9. Cross Section Case Wrap Up; Dr. Terrence Demos and Dr. Kenneth Pier
Web Resources
  1. Cross Sectional Anatomy Visible Human Project
  2. Radiology Curriculum for Self Study