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Pulmonary Medicine Lessons

Arcot J. Chandrasekhar, MBBS, FACP, FCCP, FRCP(C)
Professor of Medicine
Pulmonary Critical Care Division

University Medical Center

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Pulmonary Curriculum of Stritch School of Medicine  Target audience:  Loyola Medical Students

Physical Diagnosis (I lesson)  By A.J. Chandrasekhar, MD Target audience: Medical students. The Pulmonary Physical Diagnosis lesson is basic. Reason for, method of exam, normal findings and significance of abnormalities are reviewed for each step.

Advanced Physical Diagnosis (Contains a large lesson with multiple sections)  By A.J. Chandrasekhar, MD This lesson is developed to support the Advanced Physical Diagnosis Course, offered to medical residents. The lesson deals with in-depth discussion of advanced physical exam skills in the field of pulmonary medicine at Fellows level.

Symptom/Problem: (3 lessons) Target audience Medical students.

Diseases (44 diseases)  By A.J. Chandrasekhar, MD Basic information about pulmonary diseases. Targeted for Senior medical students.

Procedure (Contains 5 lessons )  By A.J. Chandrasekhar, MD Each procedure will state targeted audience.  In this lesson, indications, steps of procedure, pre and post procedure management, complications and how to avoid them are discussed for each procedure. Any physician who has not yet performed these procedures will benefit by this review prior to attempting the actual procedure. Rapid changes in technology and instrumentation make some techniques and images obsolete. However, many of the fundamental principles remain pertinent.


Review also the website of University of Utah. Excellent Gross and microscopic lung pathology.


Self Evaluation  The purpose is defeated if you look up answers before making an attempt to answer yourself. It is anticipated that you will aim to correct deficiencies in areas where you have problems.

Pulmonary function studies  (Contains 9 lessons)  By A.J. Chandrasekhar, MD  Targeted for Residents and Fellows. Lessons will carry you through basic concepts of PFT interpretation using real cases.

Case Studies  (20 cases) Case studies are being accumulated for self evaluation . Each case will state targeted audience.

Lung Cancer  (Contains 8 lessons)   By A.J. Chandrasekhar, MDTargeted audience indicated for each lesson.  Lessons on various aspects of lung cancer deals with in-depth discussion of the topic.

Anatomy :  Dr John McNulty

Physiology  (13 lessons)  By Charles L. Webber, Jr., Ph.D.

Target audience: Medical students.

Chest X-ray (Contains13 lessons)  By A.J. Chandrasekhar, MD

Targeted audience indicated for each lesson. Detailed discussion of the rationale of chest x-ray interpretation is reviewed with the aid of cases. Principles of clinical medicine is incorporated.

Fellow Lectures (12 lessons) Annual lectures to fellows.

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