Method Of Exam

Author: A. Chandrasekhar, MD Consultant: P. Tomich, MD

With the blades open, secure the speculum by tightening the thumb screw. Take three specimens:

  1. Endocervical swab: Insert a cotton applicator stick (wire brush may also be used for endocervical specimens) into the os of the cervix. Roll the stick gently between the thumb and index finger. Remove and smear a labelled glass slide.
  2. Cervical scrape: Place the longer end of a cervical spatula into the os of the cervix and press gently, turn and scrape. Smear a second labelled glass slide. Any bleeding of the cervix during this procedure should be noted.
  3. Posterior fornix: Roll a cotton applicator stick on the floor of the vagina posterior to the cervix. Smear a third labelled glass slide.

Note: A fixative must be immediately applied to each slide.