Informational Websites for Lung Cancer Screening

International Collaboration to Screen for Lung Cancer (ICScreen)

ICScreen is an international collaborative group created through the union of experts on lung cancer and related issues. Through this website, investigators and other visitors can be updated on the latest discussions, findings and upcoming events related to lung cancer screening.

 International Early Lung Cancer Action Project (I-ELCAP)

The International Early Lung Cancer Action Program, known as I-ELCAP, is an international research study to determine if low-dose CT scanning technology is an effective screening technique to detect lung cancer in it's earliest stages for people at high risk for the disease. Through the I-ELCAP website, visitors can get an overview of this exciting international study project, find out the recognized screening sites in the world, learn the screening process, read the most frequently asked questions and latest articles written by lung cancer screening experts, and make an appointment to be considered as a study participant.

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