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EVALUATION AND GRADING PROCESS   (to print evaluations, click here)

The grades that can be assigned for the Medicine Clerkship are the same as those for other required clinical clerkships (see Academic Policy Manual II).

The final grade for the clerkship is based on four types of evaluations: The Department exam (comprising a free text and single best answer multiple choice exam), the CEX, and clinical performance evaluations (2).

The departmental exam is administered during the last day of the Clerkship.  The departmental exam covers the Core Curriculum. 

The CEX is given before the second month of the rotation.

Clinical performance evaluations include:

  • Two IP rotation evaluations completed by the Service Attending, the housestaff, and the site director.  A mid-rotation feedback form and patient data log must accompany each of these evaluation forms. 

  • Eight patient write-ups (admit notes and orders) accompanied by a write-up feedback form for each.

At each hospital site, students will be informed how these clinical performance evaluation forms are distributed to the appropriate evaluators.  Students are expected to meet with their evaluators, review the completed evaluation forms, receive constructive feedback and sign the forms before they are returned to the Medical Education Office.

The scores on the final online examination, the CEX, and the two clinical performance rotation evaluations (IP) are used to calculate the Final Grade; the mid-rotation, patient data logs and write-up feedback forms must be turned in and are used as discretionary points.  To achieve a Final Grade of PASS, all clinical performance evaluation forms must be turned in, a minimum score of 60% must be achieved on the written department examination, and a minimum score of 60% must be achieved on each of the two clinical performance evaluations.  Total possible points and intended weights (i.e., proportion of Final Grade) for these components are given below:           


            Departmental Examination                              30%

            Clinical Performance IP #1                           30%

            Clinical Performance IP #2                           30%

            CEX (mid clerkship)                                       10%


A Final Grade of FAIL will be given to students whose scores on one or more of the evaluation components do(es) not meet or exceed the minimum score of 60%.  If a student does not receive a passing score on the written examination, the student will be notified as soon as possible thereafter so that he/she may retake the exam at a mutually agreed upon time.  If a student does not receive a passing score upon retaking the examination, or if he/she does not achieve a passing score on one of the clinical performance evaluations, the student must meet with the Clerkship Director to develop a satisfactory remediation plan. 

Students must receive a Final Grade of PASS in this Clerkship in order to be promoted and be recommended for graduation.

Final Grades of HONORS or HIGH PASS are determined by combining first attempt scores from the several evaluation components.  Because the evaluation components have different intended weights (see above), students' scores are multiplied by these weights before they are summed.  Cutoff scores for HONORS and HIGH PASS are based on the distributions of these weighted total scores.  These cutoff scores are determined by the Department of Medicine Education Committee that meets quarterly.

To print an evaluation, please select from the following:


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