VHP Project Read Me

PurposeThe cross-sectional images, MRI's and CT's from the Visible Human Project have been specifically selected for integration into the Structure of the Human Body curriculum at the Stritch School of Medicine. The lessons emphasize the relationships of important structures in each region studied and are designed for use during both scheduled settings (i.e., lectures, small group discussions, labs) and self-study.

The labeled images are provided to help students orient to the plane of section. Additional labeling would defeat the purpose of the excercise, which is to encourage students to apply what they have learned about the relationships of structures from their dissections.

*Labeled images for the female data have not been completed.

The movies are provided so that students can easily make the transition from either MRI or CT scans to the tissue sections provided. Unfortunately, MRI's for many of the planes of section were not available. Many of the CT's of the limbs were of insufficient quality to include at this time.

Client settingsA shortcoming of the Web platform is the difficulty of controlling the "look and feel" of the lessons. The LUMEN Dissector was designed (frame size, image sizes, fonts, etc) for the terminals used in the Stritch School of Medicine. The configuration of the terminals is as follows:
  • Netscape Communicator 4.0 with default font settings.)
  • 17" monitors at a resolution of 800X600
  • window set to occupy the full frame of the monitor


John A. McNulty, Ph.D.
Last Updated: July 30, 1997
Created: April 19, 1997