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DisclaimerThe LUMEN Dissector is intended solely for educational purposes. I have elected to restrict Internet access to certain parts of the Dissector in deference to the generous individuals who have donated their bodies for medical education. We are grateful for their unselfish generosity. If you are interested in obtaining all of the material currently available on the Dissector we are working on a way to assign free user ID's for qualified users who wish to login through the Internet.
ObjectivesThe LUMEN Dissector has as its objectives: 1) to incorporate more multimedia into the principal learning environment of the student - the laboratory dissection; 2) to serve as a "prosection" for the student to preview the material before class and review the material after class; and 3) to provide a variety of resources that are designed to maximize the integration of information in the Structure of the Human Body course.

The modern dissecting facilities include computer terminals at the dissecting tables thereby enhancing the availability of relevant information at the dissecting table where students can use it to the best advantage. I have deliberately used only images from student dissections to better approximate the actual appearance of the structures being dissected and to provide some appreciation of the variability of anatomical structures.

The Dissector must be used in conjunction with a good atlas (e.g.,Clemente's, Grant's, Netter's).


John A. McNulty, Ph.D.
Last Updated: Oct 2, 2008
Created: Apr 3, 1996