Pulmonary Elective
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MICU core Curriculum

Areas that we expect you to be at least comfortable and conversant with include the following:
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  1. Hemodynamic data, interpretation of all parameters on the profile     Case study
  2. Gas exchange
  3. Fick equation
  4. Venous oxygen levels
  5. Principles of acid base
  6. Principles of mechanical ventilation
  7. Respiratory failure, hypercapnic and hypoxemic
  8. Multi organ failure/sepsis
  9. Asthma/COPD
  10. P FT Basics   Spirometry   Bronchodilator   Flow volume loop    Lung volume      Diffusion    Self eval     Self eval
  11. Insterstitial lung disease
  12. Lung cancer

These areas are the basic cornerstones for most critical care management. In the course of your month here the critical care attending, fellow and senior resident on our service will attempt to assure that you have all of these areas covered with formal and informal discussions. However, it is your responsibility to bring forth any areas that you feel have not been covered adequately.



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