Center For Biomedical Informatics

The mission of the Center for Biomedical Informatics is to empower biomedical research at Loyola University Chicago Health Sciences Division by providing informatics infrastructure and broadly enabling genomics technologies. The initial emphasis of the Loyola Center for Biomedical Informatics will be on bioinformatics and applied genomics. The Center has a special interest in translational research that can immediately impact patient care. Ultimately, it is our goal to be at the forefront of personalized medicine.

Clinical Informatics and Genomics Lab

The Clinical Informatics and Genomics Laboratory (CIG-Lab) is a multidisciplinary laboratory within the Burn and Shock Trauma Institute (BSTI) and the Department of Surgery, at Loyola University Medical Center, whose mission is “to improve health in burn patients through scientific innovations”. Our aim is to model host response to burn injury.

Star Program/Research HONORS Program

The Student Training in Approaches to Research (STAR) Program is an eight-week, research education program.   Participants are fully engaged in research with the guidance of a research mentor of their choice.

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