Quotable Quotes

"The teacher must not confuse Information with Education, otherwise the student may become a well-taught but wholly unlearning individual."

S.E. Whitnall, 1933
Advice on learning anatomy

"Gentlemen, damn the sphenoid bone!"

Oliver Wendell Homes (1809-1894)
Opening anatomy lecture at Harvard Medical School

"LEARN THE BIG THINGS RATHER THAN THE DETAILS; this is a generalisation that holds good throughout the realm of medicine, and I advise you to evaporate your knowledge not to dryness but to a servicable bulk. Larger structures, as a rule, are far more important than smaller ones, and moreover will act as guides or 'rallying-points' in calling the latter to mind."

S.E. Whitnall, 1933
Advice on learning anatomy

"Doctors without anatomy are like moles. They work in the dark and the work of their hands are mounds."
Tiedemann: Heidelberg ,1781-1861

"In times of change the learners will inherit the earth, while the learned will find themselves beautifully equipped to deal with a world that no longer exists."
Eric Hoffer (1902-1983)

"You will have to learn many tedious things.............. which you will forget the moment you have passed your final examination, but in anatomy it is better to have learned and lost than never to have learned at all.."

W. Somerset Maugham (1874-1965)
Advice to first-year medical students.

"As regards lectures, the custom of systematic lectures in anatomy has largely been abandoned, chiefly because the modern extensive and crowded curriculum does not permit of the time being so given at the expense of practical work in the laboratory."

S.E. Whitnall, 1933
Advice on learning anatomy

"Begin your anatomy with a man fully grown; then show him elderly and less muscular; then go on to strip him stage by stage right down to the bones. And you should afterward make the child so as to show the womb."

Leonardo da Vinci (1452-1519)

"The kingly crowned head, the vigilant eye, the counsellor heart, the arm our soldier, our steed the leg, the tongue our trumpeter."

William Shakespeare (1564-1616)

"The primary duty of the University to a student is to provide him with such instructors as will make him realise that the responsibility for progress is his own and no one else's."

S.E. Whitnall, 1933
Advice on learning anatomy

"The true success of a teacher is measured by how well the student teaches in return."

J.A. McNulty, 1998

"As a teacher, I care less about what students think about me now than what they will think about me in the future. As a parent, I have the same thoughts about my children."

J.A. McNulty, 2002

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