Patient Centered Medicine 2
December 7, 2010

Lung Examination: Abnormals
Arcot Chandrasekhar, M.D.


Students take "open book" online quiz, Lung_Exam1_2011 from any computer (SSOM or home) to analyze and interpret clinical scenarios

  1. You will need
        Earphones or speakers to hear the lung sounds
  2. There are 20 Questions
        The quiz is open from 12/1 11:30am - 12/7 11:00am

Be prepared to defend your answers during the lecture on 12/7/10 @ 1:15pm

Key Concepts and Learning Objectives

  1. Synthesize Hx & PE with abnormal lung sounds to make a likely clinical diagnosis
  2. Recognize abnormalities and patterns of abnormalities as related to various clinical scenarios including; pneumothorax, airway obstruction, (CPD, asthma, chronic bronchitis, etc.), consolidation and lung masses, interstitial lung diseases, left heart failure, and atelectasis pleural effusion.

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