The images are not from this case.

CT chest showing structures in thorax To show possible organs, the pain can come from.

Coronary artery  Dissection of the heart  (Dr John McNulty)

Coronary Artery:   Branches  (Drawing)

Muscular artery   Another medium-sized, muscular artery.  (Dr John Clancy)

Small blood vessels   Small blood vessels, with 3-layered walls. (Dr John Clancy)

Heart wall   The heart wall, like blood vessels in general, has three main layers. (Dr John Clancy)

Coronary atherosclerosis   Thrombosis/Histology/4  (Dr. Ralph Leischner)

Coronary thrombus  Thrombus coronary artey  Gross picture (Dr. Ralph Leischner)

Coronary thrombus   Histo  (Dr. Ralph Leischner)

Acute MI  (Dr. Ralph Leischner) 


Exercise studies

Normal coronary angiogram

Coronary angiogram with narrowing

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