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This is a revolutionary era for students and scientists of biochemistry. Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry is the central science of biology and bio-medicine. Biochemical methodologies have become the key for investigation in all the biological and medical disciplines, demonstrated by the fact that all graduate and medical students at this medical center are required to take our course in biochemistry. Much of the research in physiology, cell biology, pharmacology, the neurosciences and pathology are based on biochemical knowledge and biochemical techniques. We are the most fundamental of the disciplines of the biomedical sciences and discoveries in our discipline have a general importance to all biology.

The future will be even more revolutionary. The effect of new biochemical knowledge will radically redefine our understanding of the biology of life and the treatment of disease.

The Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry spans a wide range of biochemical research from neurobiology, neuropathology, biochemical and genetic mechanisms of hormone regulation, oncogenes and cancer, and the mechanism for regulation of gene expression at the level of both transcription and translation. We offer an intense training program to each student in biochemistry including molecular biology, cell biochemistry, enzymology, and in a wide range of elective areas.

We are a relatively small graduate program and offer the advantage of small classes and close faculty student contact. While we are small, our graduate students make nationally recognized contributions, presenting their work at national meetings and publishing in internationally recognized peer-reviewed journals. The graduates of our Ph.D. Program obtain prime postdoctoral positions in the best international laboratories and establish careers in academia or industry. Our focused M.S. Program trains scientists for important technical positions in the biomedical sciences as well as prepares students for further advancement in their chosen fields. Our resources are comprehensive and state-of-the-art in support of a research intensive faculty with grant support and exciting projects.

The Graduate Program in Molecular and Cellular Biochemistry will not be taking any new MS or PhD students for the 2011/2012 academic year.



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