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To better track your education experience on each clerkship, you are expected to document the kinds of patients you have seen and your level of involvement with each. For each patient encountered, identify :


Patient problems

One patient may have multiple problems. Treat each problem as a separate entity.


Level of Involvement:

  • Patient Assigned (If you wrote the admit note, progress notes or consult notes consider it as assigned)

  • Not Assigned (Patient on your service seen/discussed during rounds, or in clinic, but you did not write any notes).

  • Simulation (You used a Computer aided instructional module, witnessed a Video or participated with Standardized Patient etc)


Number of assigned patients

Keep a tally of the number of patients assigned.



Enter them similar to patient problems.


Log cards

In your orientation folder is yellow log card. Please transfer your data from the card to the computer often. In the halfway through your rotation print out the log data, ask your attending or resident to verify and sign it, and bring it to Renata in SSOM, room 320. This log data will also need to be printed out and turned in at the end of the four-week rotation, verified and signed by your attending or resident.


Modus operandi

Enter data on-line/myLumen. It is anticipated that you will use the card to collect data and enter the final total numbers in the computer application. You will have access to the "student log" application from myLumen.



Failure to complete the card in the computer application on time will be flagged as "concern" for Professionalism competency.



All MS3, please follow the above guidelines. Print out the log data (2 mid and 2 end), ask your attending or resident to verify and sign it, and bring it to the Medical Education Coordinator's office in the SSOM bldg., room 320. Please return the end log within one week after finishing a rotation and mid log in halfway of your rotation.


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