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 Construction of Final Grade


The final course grade will include all of the following factors:

  • CLINICAL EVALUATION  -  50% of final grade

Performance on the clinical service is the most important part of the surgery clerkship and constitutes 50% of the final grade.  Faculty and residents provide a comprehensive report with comments and a consensus grade.  Failure on the clinical service constitutes failure for the clerkship.

  • ONLINE EXAM - 45% of final grade

The material to be covered in the final multiple choice examination (100 questions) will be taken from the clinical ward experiences, problem solving sessions, formal lectures, and CORE topics from the recommended textbooks. Any student with a comprehensive knowledge of the CORE topics covered in the recommended textbooks should pass the examination easily.

Honors > 1.3 standard deviations above the exam mean, High Pass > 0.5 to 1.3 standard deviations above the exam mean, Pass - 0.5 standard deviations above the exam mean to 1.5 standard deviations below the exam  mean , Unsatisfactory <1.5 standard deviations below the exam mean.          

Failure of the online examination results in grade of "U"


The student must meet with the Director of Undergraduate Education of the Department of Surgery within one week of notice of a grade of "Unsatisfactory" for the CORE clerkship. The Student Affairs Office will be notified immediately on "Unsatisfactory" grade.  Providing performance on the clinical service was satisfactory, a repeat written examination will be offered within a reasonable time period, in accordance with medical school policy. Prior to this examination, tutorial sessions and other necessary counseling may be required at the discretion of the Department of Surgery or the Student Affairs Office.

Failure on the repeat written examination is a "Failure" grade for the entire clerkship and can only be remediated by additional clinical ward work and subsequent successful examination performance.

  • OSCE EXAMINATION 5% of the final grade

All students will participate in a standardized patient exam, which will take place during the last month of the rotation. The student will receive feedback from the standardized patient and their score. There will be an option to retake the exam if necessary.

  • FINAL GRADE will be calculated using the following equation: (0.50) (clinical) + (0.45) (online exam) + (0.05) (OSCE) = Final numeric grade 


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