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Prior to starting this required clerkship, each student will be provided with his/her hospital assignments.  The Surgery Clerkship has clinical rotations at three institutions:  Loyola University Medical Center, Hines V.A. Hospital, and Resurrection Hospital in Chicago 

Each hospital has provided a clinical coordinator to help students attain a smooth transition into their new environment.  Coordinators serve as an initial and on-site resource if any difficulties arise during your surgical rotations.










David Holt, MD

Bldg.110, Room 3266



Gerard Aranha, MD Bldg.200,Room 761 708-327-2391


      Resurrection Richard Olen, MD Med. Educ. Bldg. 773-792-5144


Surgery is a 8-week clerkship divided into one 4-week rotation on General Surgery (Surgical Oncology, Endocrine Surgery,  Minimal Invasive Surgery/Bariatric, Colorectal, Acute Care Surgery) at Loyola Hospital or Hines Hospital, and one 4-week general surgery at Resurrection or surgical subspecialty rotation on: Trauma, Transplant, Peripheral Vascular, Burns and Plastics service.  Students will list choices for general surgery and sub-specialty service; however, assignments are not guaranteed. 


Even though each hospital is different, the clinical opportunities, lecture material, and conferences  are designed to be equivalent.  It is the aim of the Department of Surgery to provide all students at each of  the affiliate hospitals with a fundamental core of surgical knowledge that is independent of the institution. 



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