Online Examinations for Clerkship

Our clerkship requires completion of several online examinations. These are available by logging on to myLumen, as you have for other online examinations. There is currently one exam, detailed below: Prevention and Screening.

Prevention Examination

Completion of the Prevention and Screening examination is a requirement for the clerkship. This is a 20 question, True-False examination. A passing grade is 17 out of 20 (85%). To prepare for the examination, please do the following:

  • Through Lumen, access Undergraduate Education, Prevention and Screening.
  • Complete the Self-Assessment Test. It is a preparatory tutorial in which you will be asked 26 questions concerning prevention and screening.

After completing the above, and acquiring a sufficient amount of patient-based experience in the Ambulatory Clinic, please access the 20 question, true-false examination. Successful completion of this test (not the Self-Assessment Test)  is required by noon of the fourth Monday of the rotation .

  • The Prevention exam will appear on the student’s portal. An example is provided below. Note the message “You have 0 exam(s)/Quiz(s) that need to be taken. Once released, those students required to take the exam would receive a message that 1 exam needs to be taken.
  • Click on “myExams/Quizes” from the left column to proceed to the exam. You should be familiar with the exam process as it is similar to on-line exams during your first and second years.




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