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  1. The Neurology Clerkship webpage in LUMEN (see contains several resources. Under CAI Modules is the Practical Neurology DVD Review by Dr. Biller, which contains the patient videotapes listed in Study Guides 1 and 2. A selection of these patients will constitute the Patient Case Vignette Video Exam, taken at the end of the clerkship. The “Neuroradiology Curriculum” under CAI Modules contains self-study CT and MRI images of normal neuroanatomy as well as neurological disorders.

    Under "Curriculum" on the Neurology Clerkship webpage, there are the Powerpoint slides for the Student Sessions (Neurodiagnostics, Epilepsy, and Neurological Emergencies).  Reading material and a videotaped demonstration of Lumbar Puncture is also available.  Included are End-of-Life and Nutrition articles pertaining to Neurology, as well as Dr. Merchut's reading material on the Clinical Neurology topics from the Medical Neuroscience classroom course.  Sections of this Student Handbook are available under the “Information” section of the webpage


  2.  The educational materials described in (1) above are the minimal requirement for the clerkship.  Supplemental textbook reading is recommended in:


              Simon RP, Greenberg DA, Aminoff MJ.  Clinical Neurology.  7th ed.  Lange Medical Books/McGraw

              Hill: 2009.



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