Lumbar Puncture Workshop

  1. This is a “self-study” workshop, where prior knowledge of lumbar puncture will be assessed, educational materials reviewed (including a simulation of the procedure), followed by a demonstration of new knowledge gained. It consists of a “pre- and post-test” format, typical of postgraduate education, but will not be included in your clerkship grade. The simulation allows for practice of the proper technique before performing it on patients. Some students, but not all, will have the opportunity of performing a lumbar puncture on a patient during the clerkship.

  2. This lumbar puncture workshop is scheduled as follows:

    Day 1: Take the on-line self-assessment pre-test on lumbar puncture, via MY LUMEN, under “tests and quizzes.” The test is accessible from any computer terminal that day until 10 PM.

    Day 2: Review, on your own, the self-study materials and lumbar puncture videotaped demonstration on-line from the Neurology Clerkship webpage.

    Day 3: Report to the Clinical Skills Center in the Lower Level of SSOM to perform a simulated lumbar puncture. Take the on-line self-assessment post-test on lumbar puncture, via MY LUMEN, under “tests and quizzes” accessible from any computer terminal until 12 noon that day.



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