leave of absence and other loyola-stritch student policies

  1. The clinical rotation in Neurology is only four weeks long, so student absence affects not only the learning experience, but the ability of each attending to evaluate student clinical skills.  Students who are absent due to illness or an emergency should call the Educational Coordinator, and fill out an absence form later.  A request for a planned leave of absence must be submitted one month prior to the start of the clerkship to the Clerkship Director, Educational Coordinator, and Office of Loyola-Stritch Student Affairs.  Requests are evaluated on an individual basis, and may not all be granted.  Absent days will be made up or remediated at the discretion of the Clerkship Director.

  2. The last day of the clerkship is the date of the final examinations, which cannot be changed since on-line exams are given in a secure room.

  3. Student abuse, whether physical, psychological or sexual, is never to be accepted or tolerated.  Students are asked to confidentially discuss any issues of abuse, as early as possible, with the clerkship director.  Other current Loyola-Stritch student policies as well will be reviewed with you at orientation.