Basic Clerkship Goals for Students

  1. Actively participate in patient care in the hospital and outpatient clinic, maintain a log of
    patients and procedures, and achieve relevant clinical competencies.
  2. Supplement this clinical experience by also studying videotaped actual patients, loosely referred
    as "simulated" cases.
  3. Achieve the Neurology Clerkship Learning Objectives.
  4. Attend all case-based student sessions, including the Lumbar Puncture Workshop, where a
    simulated lumbar puncture is performed.
  5. Pass a 100 question, multiple-choice, case-based, on-line examination and a 25 question,
    multiple-choice, case vignette, on-line examination of 12 videotaped patients. Submit student
    feedback on the clerkship after the examinations are over.


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