Method Of Exam

Author: A. Chandrasekhar, MD Consultant: B. Waters, MD




Spermatic cord

  • Palpate with fingers the spermatic cord along the course from epididymis to superficial inguinal ring.
  • Identify both vas within scrotum.
  • Seek varicocele--valasalva if none obvious.


  • Loose wrinkled pouch with two compartments
  • Left half of scrotum and left testis are lower than the right.
  • The skin is corrugated.
  • Testicles are ovoid 3-5 cms in size with a smooth surface. Size amy vary between individuals. Both Testicles are of same size in a given individual. Compression results in a deep unpleasant visceral pain.
  • The right testicle lies in a higher position than the left.
  • The epidydimis: Typically found on the posterior surface of the testis like a crescent. It is soft and uniform in character. Tender when sqeezed.
  • The Spermatic cord. Distinct cord like structure.