Conscious Sedation

Start an IV line and titrate versed. I give 1-2 mg at a time, watching the patient's response. Older patients are very sensitive to versed. Therefore, 1 or 2 mg may suffice. Never push 10 mg in one stroke. Versed makes the procedure go smoothly and provides amnesia. An excessive dose can induce respiratory depression.

In the past, I used valium with good results. However, I find versed to be better.

Let me share an anecdote with you. I once got into trouble with valium. One of my patients stopped breathing after only 2 mg of valium. I has removed his breathing aids and he could not hear my commands to breath. I quickly intubated and bagged him for a few minutes. He started respirations on his own and I was then able to complete the procedure.

Valium induced respiratory depression can be overcome. The patient will respond to your instructions to take a deep breath. I got into trouble by removing my patient's hearing aids.