Consent and Pre-Screening

  1. Explain the procedure to the patient and allay his anxieties. Patients may have heard about the distress associated with a rigid bronchoscope. Explain that the fiberoptic bronchoscope has made the procedure much easier.
  2. Assure the patient that there is sufficient room for air to go through.
  3. Instruct the patient that he should not talk during the procedure to avoid the likelihood of injury to the vocal cord. However, we'll establish some mechanism of communication. Instruct him to raise his fist whenever he is uncomfortable. If a transbronchial biopsy is planned, he will be asked to take a deep breath and expire slowly. Should he develop a sharp chest pain at any time during the procedure, make a "V" sign.
  4. Inform him not to expect the results immediately. It normally takes two days before the pathological exam is complete. Besides, the patient is under sedation and may misinterpret what you say. Once the patient is relaxed, the procedure will go smoothly.

Pre-screening: Check for the following: