You need to know some basic information about the actual bronchoscope instrument.

Introduction of the Bronchoscope:

  1. Pass a mouth bite over the bronchoscope and position it close to the handle.
  2. Lubricate the scope with surgilube, with the exception of the tip. Ask the patient to protrude his tongue and gently pull it forward with gauze. Introduce the scope into the pharynx.
  3. Stay in midline. With gentle movement of the controls, you can bring the epiglottis into view.
  4. Instill 2 cc's of 2% xylocaine into the larynx. Observe the vocal cords and note its mobility with phonation.
  5. Introduce the scope between the vocal cords into the larynx. Occasionally, it may be necessary to make the patient pant to facilitate the process. Instill 2 cc's of xylocaine. Position the mouth bite so that the patient can bite on it. Affix it with tape. Note that the bronchoscope passes through the mouth bite. The patient cannot accidentally bite and damage the bronchoscope.