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Function of the Human Body 2008
Histology Practical Examinations


Blood and Capillaries I Gastrointestinal Mucosa I
Blood and Capillaries II Gastrointestinal Mucosa II
Muscle I Liver, Pacreas and Salivary Glands I
Muscle II Liver, Pacreas and Salivary Glands II
Cardiovascular System I Endocrine Glands I
Cardiovascular System II Endocrine Glands II
Stains, Cells and Ultrastructure Male reproductive Tract I
Urinary Tract I Male reproductive Tract II
Urinary Tract II Ovary, Oviduct and uterus I

Respiratory Tract I

Ovary, Oviduct and uterus II
Respiratory Tract II Cervix, Placenta, Mammary Gland I
Gastrointestinal Tract I Cervix, Placenta, Mammary Gland II

Gastrointestinal Tract II




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