Family Medicine

Required Chapters from the guide to preventive services text:

Section one:

  • Cardiovascular disease

    • Screening for high blood cholesterol and other lipid abnormalities

    • Screening for hypertension

  • Neoplastic disease

    • Screening for breast cancer

    • Screening for cervical cancer

    • Screening for skin cancer including counseling to prevent skin cancer

  • Metabolic, Nutritional & environmental disorders

    • Screening for Diabetes mellitus

    • Screening for obesity

  • Musculoskeletal disorders

    • Screening for postmenopausal osteoporosis

  • Mental disorders & substance abuse

    • Screening for problem drinking

Section two:


  • Counseling to prevent tobacco use

  • Counseling to prevent motor vehicle injuries

  • Counseling to prevent HIV infection and other sexually transmitted disorders

Section three:

Immunizations & chemoprophylaxis

  • Childhood immunizations

  • Adult Immunizations including chemoprophylaxis against influenza A

  • Postmenopausal hormone prophylaxis




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