Required Reading

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Reflection Paper

All students are required to write a 1 page reflection paper to be turned in electronically no later than at the time of the final exam.  It should be 1 page (i.e. about 2-3 paragraphs) and can be double spaced.  You are to reflect on how the ED experience interplays with social justice and the final sentence should conclude with a statement about your personal commitment to the service of others in the future. Please email it to Renata at by the end of the clerkship.

The reflection process should be guided by the RFLCT acronym:
R: Recall: an experience. Spend 5 minutes before writing to contemplate the experience.
F: Formulate:  a summary. Include key "facts of the case" and identify feelings about experience.
L Learn: from the successes and shortcomings you experienced; think about your role in the encounter (who am I?), how it shapes who you are becoming, and is it the type of physician you want to be?
C: Change by identifying one area for growth, development, and improvement. It may focus on something that did not go well or building on a strength.
T: Transition with a sense of gratitude for this learning opportunity and something you can build on as your formation as a physician, make a tangible pledge to move forward