Lectures in Radiology

Academic Year 2011-2012

These are either PowerPoint presentations or PDF files. It takes time to download these files. Please be patient. Use scroll option to move from one slide to the next.

Structure of human body

  1. Introduction to Human Radiology; Richard Cooper, MD
  2. Radiology of the Head and Neck; John Shea, MD
  3. Radiology of the Pelvis and lower extremity; John Shea, MD

Mechanisms of human disease

  1. CXR Clinicopathological Correlation (PDF); A.J. Chandrasekhar, MD


  1. Brain Imaging Essentials ; Michael Merchut, MD
  2. Radiation Oncology ; Edward Melian

Patient centered medicine II

  1. Chest Radiology Kenneth Pierce, MD
  2. SGP Session: CXR

Introduction to third year

  1. Imaging Procedures: A.J Chandrasekhar, MD


  1. Neurological Emergencies; by Mathew McCoyd, MD
  2. Neurodiagnostics ; by Gregory Gruener, MD


  1. Case based learning: David Holt, MD
  2. Case based learning: David Holt, MD
  3. Case based learning: David Holt, MD