Question: Cranial View

Identify the openings (see arrows) and the structures that pass through the openings.


  1. Cribriform Plate and CN I
  2. Superior Orbital Fissure and CNs III, IV, V1 , VI &Ophthalmic Veins
  3. Foramen Rotundum and CN V2
  4. Foramen Spinosum and Middle Meningeal Artery
  5. Foramen Lacerum
  6. Jugular Foramen and CNs IX, X & XI
  7. Foramen Magnum and Brainstem, CN XI, Vertebral Arteries, & Meninges
  8. Hypoglossal Canal & CN XII
  9. Internal Auditory Meatus and CNs VII &VIII
  10. Foramen Ovale and CN V3
  11. Optic Canal and CN II
  12. Foramen Cecum and Emissary Vein