Why Study at Loyola?

The department has a highly interactive faculty who value both cutting-edge research and graduate education. Each faculty member has external funding and all laboratories provide a stimulating and supportive environment in which you can pursue your scientific goals.

Small class sizes allow for personal attention during the coursework phase of your  program.

The first semester combined curriculum allows you to obtain a broad background in the biomedical sciences and to interact and establish friendships with students from all basic science departments on campus. 

Microbiology & Immunology first year journal club provides opportunities for you and your fellow first year students to enhance your presentation skills. This experience will leave you well prepared to present in journal clubs, research seminars and at regional and national scientific meetings. Additionally, your improved presentation skills will be an enormous asset to you when you interview for positions after graduation.

Weekly departmental lab meetings provide a relaxed, highly interactive setting in which you can follow work being done in all of the various research labs in the department. The departmental lab meeting provides an enjoyable opportunity for you to stay in touch with a broad range of research areas beyond your own specific area of study.

Weekly seminars by invited scholars allow you to meet and interact frequently with leading scientists in microbiology, virology and immunology.

State of the art facilities provide you the tools for leading investigations in microbiology, virology and immunology. 

An NIH experimental immunology training grant supports stipends and fees for selected graduate students working on various immunology projects. 
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Our current Stipend for Ph.D. students is $27,000; in addition, they receive full tuition and health insurance.

Graduates from our program have obtained positions in academia, industry, and the government. A few recent examples are: NIH, Johns Hopkins University, MIT, Harvard University, Argonne National Labs, Eli Lilly, University of Oregon, St. Jude's Research Hospital, USAMARIID, Trudeau Institute, Illinois Wesleyan University, Proctor and Gamble, Northwestern University.


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