Shi-Kang Zhai
You give me DNA, I  give you sequences! 

Located in the Dept of Microbiology & Immunology, the DNA Sequencing Facility provides nucleic acid sequencing on a fee-for-service basis to the investigators of Loyola University Health System and unaffiliated researchers in the Midwest region.  

The DNA Core Facility provides friendly service and timely DNA sequencing in an efficient  manner by experienced molecular biologists. Sequencing is performed on an ABI Prism 3100 4-capillary automated genetic analyzer with a capacity of about 35 samples in 24 hours.  We sequence single or double stranded DNA from plasmids and PCR products. A minimum of 500 to 600 bp can usually be read without ambiguity.

The presence of this laboratory at Loyola University Medical Center offers investigators direct access to current DNA sequencing technology as well as an experienced technical staff to aid in the planning of experiments and subsequent data analyses.

Usually 24 Hour Turn Around Time
(if sample provided by 11:00 am)


Customers need to supply high quality DNA preps.  Primers available: T7, Sp6, M13 Universal and Reverse M13.  We will also sequence using your primer at 1.6 pmol/µl  (must be at least 18 bp in length). Sequence data are delivered via e-mail in the form of sequence files and chromatogram.

Click here to place your order through internal Portal Research Channel Core Facility
(Internal orders only through this channel)

  • Bring samples to Shi-Kang Zhai room 3843, building 105, Maguire Center
  • A copy of completed order form from the Reseach Portal must accompany all samples

Non-Loyola researchers please contact Shi-Kang Zhai at 708-216-3389

DNA Quantity:         

  • Single Stranded DNA - 100 ng (at least 50 µg/ml)

  • Double Stranded DNA - 500 ng (at least 250 µg/ml)

  • PCR Product DNA - 100 ng (at least 50 µg/ml)

Important Note:

  • The A260/A280 ratio of the template DNA should be 1.7 - 2.0  

  • Write the concentration of DNA on each template tube

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