Elective Registration for Visiting Students

Students enrolled in other U.S. medical schools are welcome to apply for elective clerkships.Loyola University Health System, Stritch School of Medicine students do have priority in registering for electives. In order to be considered, a visiting student must meet the criteria outlined below.

The Dean (or other appropriate school official) must certify that:

  1. The student is registered, paying tuition, and in good standing at his/her medical school in his/her final year of the MD program.
  2. The student has successfully completed Universal Precautions training.
  3. The student has successfully completed the core clerkship, which includes a clinical practicum component, in the specialty area of the elective requested prior to the start of the elective, as well as any other prerequisite stated in the elective clerkship description.
  4. The visiting student is covered by personal hospitalization insurance and professional liability coverage by his or her own medical school while participating in the elective at Loyola-Stritch.
  5. The student has approval and is recommended for participation in an elective at theLoyola University Health System, Stritch School of Medicine.

In compliance with Illinois State Health laws, the student must have completed the immunizations detailed on the yellow form, which are required for participation in clerkships at the Stritch School of Medicine and its affiliate hospitals prior to the beginning date of the elective (before you will be allowed to report to the floor).

A visiting student may register for no more than 12 weeks of electives offered through Loyola-Stritch.

Once accepted for an elective, the visiting student is expected to honor that commitment. Notification of withdrawal must be made in writing to the Loyola Office of Registration and Records and the appropriate department at least 6 weeks in advance.

Housing is not available for visiting students; on the campus parking is limited to Lot 11 (paid parking permit required).

Procedure for Visiting Student Registration

Students who meet the criteria set above can obtain an Application for Elective Clerkship from the Office of Registration and Records, Room 1700, Bldg. 101 (708/216-3222). Before completing this form, the student should contact the supervisor responsible for the elective at Loyola to determine if there are any special requirements to be fulfilled in addition to those listed in the elective catalog. Some departments require an interview, references, or other information before taking final action on the application, but the department of Urology does not have any special requirements.

The completed application along with the completed yellow Immunization Information Form with the necessary signatures must both be forwarded to the Office of Registration and Records at Loyola (not to the elective supervisor or department), no later than six weeks prior to the start of the elective rotation. Failure to comply with this requirement may lead to delay in starting the rotation. Visiting students desiring to take an elective here will be accommodated only if they have been approved by our Student Health Office as having the required proof of immunizations and an elective application has been processed through the Office of Registration and Records. Acceptance by a department or supervisor does not constitute approval for a visiting student elective.

A copy of the application specifying whether the elective has been approved or not will be sent to the student and to his/her Dean along with any other pertinent information (Section III of the application form).

On the first day of the elective the visiting student should obtain a visiting student I.D. badge at the Environmental Services Department (Administration Bldg., Rm. 1400, Roosevelt Road & First Avenue). This badge will permit entrance to the campus and patient care areas and use of the medical library. Only students properly registered according to the above procedure will be eligible for issuance of an ID

Visiting students should be aware that Loyola-Stritch students have priority in registering for electives according to the enclosed Timetable for Elective Registration. Visiting student registration will not be processed for a minimum of four weeks after the opening sign-up date for Loyola-Stritch students listed on the timetable.

Visiting students should determine appropriate registration times by referring to the dates on the timetable.