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Medicine (MED)

Dept. Contact: Debi Kurcab
Location: SSOM Rm 320
Phone: 708-216-4813


SSOM Course Catalog for
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MED-401A Cardiology Graphics (LUMC)
MED-401D Cardiology Consults
MED-405 Cardiology Graphics (HVA)
MED-408A Outpatient Dermatology
MED-409 Endocrinology Consults
MED-413 Gastroenterology Consults (LUMC)
MED-416 Hematology Consults
MED-417 Multidisciplinary Outpatient Oncology
MED-420 Medical Teaching
MED-420B Teaching in Ob/Gyn & Medicine
MED-420C Teaching in General Surgery & Medicine
MED-425 Palliative Care
MED-428 Nephrology Consults (LUMC)
MED-430 Nephrology Consults (HVA)
MED-434 Pulmonary Consults (LUMC)
MED-435 Pulmonary Consults (HVA)
MED-438 Gastroenterology Consults (HVA)
MED-442 Clinical Immunology
MED-443 Rheumatology
MED-444A Infectious Diseases/Immunology (LUMC)
MED-444B Infectious Diseases/Immunology (HVA)
MED-452 Hematology/Oncology Consults
MED-456 CAM/Integrative Medicine Outpatient
MED-457 Intern 101
MED-462 Clinical Allergy/Immunology
MED-481 Ambulatory General & Subspecialty Internal Medicine
MED-487 Quality Improvement in US Healthcare
MED-488 Computers in Medical Education
NEURO-418 Sleep Medicine




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