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Medicine (MED)

Dept. Contact: Debi Kurcab
Location: SSOM Rm 320
Phone: 708-216-4813

Contact person for this specific elective is Ana Juarez ( in Educational Affairs (SSOM 320).


Department: Medicine 
Course Number: MED-420B 
Course Title: Teaching in Ob/Gyn & Medicine  
No. of Students:  
Site: LUMC
Supervisor: Scott Graziano, MD
Duration: 4.0 weeks credit in conjunction with MS4 Medical Teaching Elective (MED-420)
Periods Offered: Yearlong part-time
Prerequisite: Fourth year standing and concurrent registration in Med-420.
Special Note:

Extension of Med-420, Medical Teaching, course for a total of 4 weeks of elective credit. Grade is Pass/Fail only.


Physicians teach many learners in their practice, both medical and technical skills. Those learners include students, patients, nurses, and their medical peers.
•This elective occurs over the 12-month period of fourth year for 4 weeks elective credit. It contains both a general medical teaching component and an obstetrics & gynecology technical skills teaching component.

General Medical Teaching Component:
•Quarterly meetings to discuss medical education theory, methodology and practice will be required. You will be expected to attend 1 out of every 2 sessions in the summer, fall, winter, and spring. While we hope you can attend all 4 sessions, 3 will be required. These sessions will begin at ~ 5PM for 1 ½ hrs.
•The opportunity to implement that knowledge will be in the form of a teaching practicum through the PCM II small groups (minimum of 6) and independent sessions with MS2.
•The expectations are that formal teaching encounters would occur within a minimum of six small group sessions (conducted on Tuesday afternoons) over the nine months.
•The observation and critique of two teachers (a list of potential teacher models will be provided, Appendix A) will be recommended as part of a role model exercise.
•A final project will be required. The project will be collaboratively agreed upon among the course directors and the student. Its content will be driven by the students’ interest and learning needs.

The first component of this elective is an introduction to the concepts, methodologies and foundation for medical education, its role in the physicians practice, and its application to lifelong learning. Whether assuming a position as a medical educator or taking responsibility for one’s own Continuing Medical Education; this elective will provide a sound foundation for academic excellence, research or scholarship.

Ob/Gyn Technical Skills Teaching Component:
•Students participate in a surgical skills workshop in the summer and fall. Attendance was encouraged for 5 separate 3 hour sessions on selected Saturdays. The workshop is an intensive review of surgical skill and anatomy run by faculty in the Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology.
•Students will meet at the beginning of each clerkship orientation for Obstetrics and Gynecology. 30-60 minutes will be spent reviewing a specific surgical skill for teaching purposes. For the next 3 hours, fourth year students will facilitate a surgical skills introduction course for the incoming 3rd year Ob/Gyn clerks. Attendance at a majority of the sessions is expected.
•Knowledge and teaching will be demonstrated by the 4th years facilitating a surgical skills session for the new clerkship students. This group includes 16-19 students every 6 weeks, broken up into 5-6 small groups during the session.
•The expectation is that over the course of a 12 month period, the fourth years will have a chance to facilitate all five different small group sessions once (gown/gloving, suturing, knot tying, instruments, pelvic exam model).

The second component of the Med-420B course is comprised of Technical Skills Teaching, in Obstetrics and Gynecology, through the Medical School. This component is an introduction to the concepts, methodologies and foundation for basic technical skills, and the application of introducing a new learner to the operating room environment. This elective facilitates peer teaching and learning, using technical skills as its background. While an interest in technical skills and teaching is encouraged, this elective is not limited to General Surgery or Obstetrics and Gynecology bound students.

Method of Evaluation:

General Medical Teaching Component:
 1. Reflection: Maintain a teaching and learning log (portfolio) in which they will record: · Their preparation for each teaching encounter · The goal of each teaching activity · Whether goal was achieved · Recommendations for their improvement
2. Assessment: · Assessment of the teaching techniques demonstrated by the teacher during observation by facilitator and/or course director and/or PCM student · Direct faculty observation and formative/summative feedback will be provided on an ongoing basis by facilitator and/or course director and/or PCM student
3. Presentation: · Demonstrate ability to teach patient procedures to learners . Final Project  

Ob/Gyn Technical Skills Teaching Component:
1. Reflection: At the end of the academic year, students will reflect on their experience and perform a self assessment of their performance on the elective.
2. Assessment: Assessment of the technical skills teaching will be assessed by residents and faculty involved in each orientation session. Direct formative feedback will be provided on an ongoing basis.

One overall grade will be submitted at the completion of this course. Grades will be on a Pass/Fail basis only.



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