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"Country of Origin" Working Group on Hispanic Health

Despite the geographic proximity of Latin America, Europe and Africa have been the primary sources of immigration to the US for the last four centuries. Over the last several decades, however, the majority of new immigrants have arrived from Spanish-speaking countries, primarily Mexico, the Caribbean islands and Central America. The rapid growth of the Hispanic population in the US has led to an historic shift in the demographic composition of the United States which will have important implications for the health of the population. Therefore, a clear imperative exists to establish close ties between the public health community in the US and these neighboring countries.

The purpose of this project is to develop collaboration among public health professionals and epidemiologists in Mexico, Cuba, Puerto Rico and the US. The primary link will be between Mexico and the US, given the relative size of the populations involved and the resources that are currently available to the organizers of this project. The project will jointly pursue two separate topics in public health – cardiovascular diseases and reproductive outcomes. We anticipate that the project will develop in several phases. Work will include:

Cardiovascular Disease and Diabetes Working Group

Country of Origin Reproductive and Perinatal Health Workgroup

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