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Dhrubajyoti (Dru) Bhattacharya

Dhrubajyoti (Dru) Bhattacharya, J.D., M.P.H., LL.M.

Dhrubajyoti (Dru) Bhattacharya, J.D., M.P.H., LL.M., is the Director of the M.P.H. track in Health Policy and Law; an Assistant Professor of Health Policy in The Department of Public Health Sciences, Loyola University Stritch School of Medicine; and also serves as a Visiting Professor of Law at Loyola University Chicago School of Law.

Professor Bhattacharya’s research and teaching focuses on the intersection of public health, law, and health policy, with a particular focus on health disparities. Prior to joining Loyola, he worked as an Assistant Professor at Southern Illinois University School of Medicine; a Fellow at the Centers for Law and the Public’s Health at Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health; and a Congressional staffer serving under Chairman Henry Waxman of the Committee on Oversight and Government Reform in the U.S. Congress House of Representatives. He has collaborated with local, state, and national partners in conducting multi-state legal assessments of health-related laws, drafting model health legislation, and conducting health policy analyses of existent or proposed interventions to improve healthcare delivery and promote population health. Professor Bhattacharya is eager to continue developing partnerships across the University to further teaching, research, and service.

Professor Bhattacharya is also the sole author of two forthcoming textbooks on domestic and global health policy. Public Health Policy: Issues, Theories, and Advocacy (Jossey-Bass/Wiley & Sons, Inc., in production, forthcoming spring 2013). is an introductory text for public health students, providing theoretical frameworks to approach U.S. public health policy issues, and practical analytical tools for effective advocacy and communication. This approach is founded on the premise that there is no single approach to policy-making. Perspectives are drawn from epidemiology, law, economics, political science, and ethics to engage and examine the policy-making process, articulate positions advocating for (or against) particular interventions, and develop materials for different audiences to further a public health policy intervention. The work illustrates how public health policymaking is a complex and integrated top-down and bottoms-up process that implicates a myriad of public and private stakeholders.

Global Health Disputes and Disparities: A Critical Appraisal of International Law and Population Health (Routledge/Taylor and Francis, in production, forthcoming November 2012) is a primer on the intersection of law with international human rights, trade, and epidemiology for public health, law, and medical students. The work is a honest assessment of the challenges facing the field as relates to the international legal landscape of treaty interpretation, and specific issues related to the application of law in resolving pressing issues in gender, access to care, and social determinants of health. In doing so, it illustrates the challenges for implementing rights-based approaches to address health disparities, with profound implications for future regulations and policymaking.

Professor Bhattacharya currently teaches courses in public health policy, public health law, and global health in the M.P.H. program. He is currently expanding his interests to include research in health services and outcomes, as well as cancer epidemiology.


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