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Center for Genetic Epidemiology

The development of techniques which make it possible to sequence human genes has fundamentally changed the study of biology and medicine. For most common diseases, however, the effects of sequence variation are very likely to be subtle and complex. It becomes necessary, therefore, to study the influence of genetic factors on these conditions in the context of natural populations, using epidemiology to take account of environmental factors.

In 1998, as an extension of our epidemiology program, the Department organized this Center to promote research on cardiovascular disease, obesity and diabetes using molecular approaches. Activities of the Center involve the organization and conduct of large population surveys. Case-control studies and a variety of family-based designs are being used. An important focus of this work is the examination of gene-environment interactions that have become apparent across the African diaspora. Samples from the surveys have been used in candidate gene studies of hypertension, genetic linkage and association mapping of blood pressure, adult height, body mass index, resting energy expenditure, etc.

Ongoing projects in the Center include Genome-Wide Association Studies (GWAS) of hypertension and anthropometric traits in African and African-derived populations. Another ongoing project is the Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) of hypertension cases and controls from the extremes of the distribution in our African-origin samples.

A few of the recent publications involving efforts by the Center include:

The primary investigator involved in the Center's activities is: Bamidele Tayo, PhD

If you would like additional information about opportunities for collaboration or recent publications, please contact Diane Richardson at our administration office 708-327-9018.

A list of recent publications can be found under the Department home page.

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