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Our Services

At Loyola University Health System we have all of the disciplines needed for the comprehensive treatment of head and neck malignancies, including cancers of the mouth and throat, salivary glands, sinus and skull base. We also treat cancer of the thyroid and the skin of the head and neck, including melanoma. Our group includes board certified and fellowship trained otolaryngologists proficient in both traditional and minimally invasive techniques. We continue to push the forefront in treating skull base tumors using transnasal endoscopic skull base surgery (TNSBS). When oncologically appropriate, we also use the LASER for the endoscopic resection of laryngeal and pharyngeal cancers, decreasing recovery time for patients.

For all patients afflicted with hearing and dizziness disorders.

Hearing Center
We specialize in treatment of hearing loss of all causes. We have hearing centers in Woodridge, Maywood, Wheaton, Homer Glen, and Oakbrook Terrace.

Center for Cranial Base Surgery
Established in 1988 to treat patients suffering from various neoplastic and vascular lesions of the head and neck using the latest diagnostic methods, surgical techniques and therapeutic modalities.

Facial Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery
Loyola physicians work to help their patients retain a natural-looking appearance and to improve the quality of their life. Cut last sentence.

Head & Neck Cancer Surgery
Loyola's Head and Neck Cancer Center treats patients with cancers of the head and neck area with a multi-disciplinary team approach that includes otolaryngologists, radiation and medical oncologists, dentists, prosthodontists, speech pathologists and social workers.

Nasal Sinus Center
The Center provides comprehensive assessment, diagnosis and treatment of nasal and sinus problems.

Pediatric Otolaryngology
Children, infants, and neonates pose unique challenges for physicians and surgeons. Our surgeons have extensive experience in pediatric otolaryngology and the resources needed to care for all kinds of children, including those who are critically ill, hearing-impaired, developmentally delayed, or syndromic.

Sleep Disorders
Among the "firsts" for Loyola's Department of Otolaryngology-Head and Neck Surgery, was the introduction of a simple and inexpensive outpatient procedure to treat snoring disorders.

Center for Laryngeal (Voice) and Esophageal Disorders
The Loyola Center for Voice and Esophageal Disorders provides comprehensive diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the larynx (voicebox) and pharynx (throat).

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