Residency Research
Residency Research
Residency Research
Ping Bu, MD, Anita Vin, MD, and Charles Bouchard, MD
Residency Research
Shuchi Patel, MD and Sara Duke, MD
Residency Research
Raymond Areaux, MD
Residency Research
Charles Bouchard, MD and Hajirah Saeed, MD
As part of our Resident Education Program, the Department of Ophthalmology requires that all residents actively participate in a new or currently on-going research project throughout their training here at Loyola.

A Resident Research Committee chaired by Dr. Bruce Gaynes and committee members Drs. Bouchard, Perlman, Stubbs, Bu, Von Zee, and Langert facilitates and monitors resident research progress on a rotating basis three times per year.

Residents work closely with an assigned Ophthalmology Faculty member on a novel research project of mutual interest and clinical significance using a team-approach. Medical students interested in Ophthalmology are highly encouraged to join the group. Projects may include current ongoing studies or de novo projects designed by the resident and Faculty member.

Research productivity will be measured by department-supported resident-presentation of research findings at the annual meeting of the Association for Research in Vision and Ophthalmology with the expectation of writing, submitting, and publishing findings in peer-reviewed medical or scientific journals.

Residency Research
Pooja Jamnadas Rao, MD and James F. McDonnell, MD
Residency Research
Samir Vira, MD

Resident participation at our Annual Resident Alumni Day and in local research symposia held at Loyola University Medical Center and throughout the Chicago academic community is highly encouraged and supported. Participation in the Chicago Ophthalmological Society Beem Fischer competition is similarly encouraged. This competition held annually requires residents to submit an original research manuscript that is judged among the five training programs in Chicago metropolitan area. We are proud to note that a Loyola Ophthalmology resident has received an award in each of the past three years.

Yearly, the Department of Ophthalmology submits posters to the annual St. Albert’s Day held each fall at Loyola University Health System, Stritch School of Medicine. St. Albert’s Day is a commemorative event celebrating our campus-wide commitment to research and its important role in the mission of the Medical Center.

The following outline serves as a key reference for project guidance. Deadlines are strictly enforced and residents are expected to complete their work in a timely fashion.

Residency Research
Cynthia Pervan, PhD and Evan B. Stubbs, Jr, PhD
Residency Research
Anita Vin, MD, Jay I. Perlman, MD, PhD and Ping Bu, MD
Residency Research
Bruce Gaynes, OD, Pharm D


  • First Year residents participate in case report studies
  • Second Year residents work on basic or clinical science related projects
  • Third Year residents continue there work on basic or clinical science related projects


  • July to September - Medical student help available to Residents/Faculty
  • July to November - 2nd/3rd year residents work on projects planned the previous year
  • October - Title for Resident Alumni Day talk due (all residents)
  • November - ARVO Abstracts due for internal review/evaluation
  • December - ARVO abstract submission deadline (ARVO membership required)
  • December - Meet with Faculty to develop project protocol for upcoming year (1st/2nd year residents)
  • December - Alumni Day abstract submission deadline (all residents)
  • January - Protocol deadline (1st/2nd year residents)
  • January - Chicago Ophthalmological Society Beem Fischer competition
  • January - Research meeting with Faculty to evaluate protocol (1st/2nd year residents)
  • February - IACUC/IRB submission deadline for Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness grant application submission (1st/2nd year residents)
  • March - Alumni Day abstract deadline (all residents)
  • March - Illinois Society for the Prevention of Blindness grant application submission deadline (1st/2nd year residents)
  • April - Ophthalmic Knowledge Assessment Program
  • May - ARVO meeting
  • June - Annual Resident Alumni Day