To assure the successful completion of each rotation, supervising faculty works with each resident in developing knowledge and skill in each of six core competencies as identified by the ACGME (The American Council of Graduate Medical Education).

The competencies are:

  • Medical Knowledge
  • Patient Care
  • Communication Skills
  • Professionalism
  • Practice Based and Lifelong Learning
  • Social and Community Context of Healthcare
  • Surgical Skills

The evaluation tools used by the Ophthalmology Department to assess resident competencies at the completion of each rotation are:

Competency Evaluation Tool Competency Assessed
Written Evaluation of Resident - All 6 Competencies
Oral Evaluation of Resident - Medical Knowledge
- Practice Based Learning
Progress Notebook (check list) - Medical Knowledge
Skills Transfer Manual (check list) - Medical Knowledge (surgery skill)
Patient Evaluation (of resident) - Professionalism
- Patient Care
Mini-Clinical Evaluation Exercise - Patient Care
- Communication
- Professionalism
- Practice Based Learning