Research Publications
Publications: 2002
Published Articles
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  6. Zimmerman R and Perlman JI. “Bilateral acute post-operative retinal detachments after cataract extraction.” J Cataract Refrac Surg 28:709-711, 2002.

Published Abstracts

  1. Close TW and Russo PA. “The relative accuracy of the Holladay 2 versus the Holladay 1 intraocular lens power formula in eyes with atypical parameters.” ARVO Abstract #418/B393, 2002.
  2. John AG and John T. “Topical anesthesia technique for clear cornea phacoemulsification.” ARVO Abstratct #362/B337, 2002.
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  4. John OC and John T. “Ultrastructural findings of new "free-standing," low-heat dehydrated human amniotic membrane.” ARVO Abstract #4191/B160, 2002.
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  6. Snyder E, Larson B, Bouchard CS. “A new device to evaluate starburst phenomenon seen around lights at night after LASIK.“ ARVO Abstract #2101/B98, 2002.
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Book Chapters

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