Dr. John P. Mulcahy & Therese E. Mulcahy
John P. Mulcahy, MD
Dr. John P. Mulcahy and his wife Therese Mulcahy endowed both the Dr. John P. Mulcahy Professorial Chair in Ophthalmology and the Dr. John P. Mulcahy and Therese E. Mulcahy Professorial Chair in Ophthalmology in 1987. In addition, the Mulcahys funded Loyola’s Mulcahy Outpatient Center, which contained more than 140 examination rooms, an ambulatory surgical center and a diagnostic radiology department.

Dr. Mulcahy, a 1924 graduate of the University of Illinois Medical School, interned at St. Louis City Hospital before returning to Chicago to serve a residency in ophthalmology at the Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary. He continued his post-graduate studies at the University of Vienna. Dr. Mulcahy returned from Vienna to join the teaching staff of he Illinois Eye and Ear Infirmary and later became a member of the clinical faculty at the University of Illinois.

During his 50 years in practice Dr. Mulcahy invested in real estate in Libertyville. Dr. Mulcahy died in 1995 at the age of 93 and bequeathed part of his estate to Loyola to establish the two Mulcahy Chairs in Ophthalmology. "My wife and I never had children," Dr. Mulcahy said in 1981, "so we wanted to help students who wanted to study medicine."

We take great honor in celebrating the lives of Dr. John P. Mulcahy and Therese E. Mulcahy for their generosity to Loyola University and the Department of Ophthalmology.