MAGIS Star Award Nominations: 2012
Megan Pellet, COA, Toni Neri-Deneen, COT , Patrycja Grudzinska, OT, Dr. Shuchi Patel, Dr. Felipe deAlba and Dr. Charles Bouchard
received MAGIS Awards from a grateful patient.
The patient's thank you included:
My family and I have been going to Loyola for a long time - in fact ever since it opened in 1969. There are some people that stand out above and beyond others within your institution and I would like them recognized. they have consistently gone out of their way assisting in ways that are not part of their responsibilities, or just by making me feel like I am important...

Our thanks to our latest crop of MAGIS stars who shine so brightly.

TEAM WORK - Darlene Dement, Kathy Hughes and Maggie Reeb
We were getting new carpeting in the chairman, practice manager and my offices. There was much to go though books, papers, etc. Although very busy all three stepped up, put their work aside and pitched in to box or throw out. We filled 3 dumpsters and 2 large recycle bins, also had to move computers, scanners and printers. I could not have done it in the time frame necessary without their help. We finished in time for the carpet to be installed.

- Danette Gotch, Administrative Assistant II, 2/2/12

Deborah (Debbie) O'Hern

Debbie went above and beyond a routine eye examination using her own experience and expertise to help these patients when they needed it most. (one patient was having a heart attack and one was admitted to the ER). The heart attack patient would not be here today - and that is not something that can be said every day. Your nominator thanked you for not backing down when the patient(s) tried to insist that they were okay.

Thank you so much for your dedication to our clinic and our patients.