MAGIS Star Award Nominations: 2011
Dr. Eileen Gable and Ernest Rolland
The above named folks are our most recent recipients of a MAGIS star and ribbon. Dr. Gable for seeing a patient after an appointment was missed at another location and Ernest for accommodating a patient at the front desk. The patient stated that both Dr. Gable and Ernest exemplify MAGIS behavior and they can't thank them enough.

Thank you both for making our department shine!!!

Geeta Belsare Been, MD
“Dr. Belsare is very kind, patient, informative and proactive with my eye care. Very professional Physician. Wonderful appointment!!”

Thank you Dr. Belsare!!
Nominated by a patient, 9-8-11

Eileen Gable, OD
“She listened to me and worked very hard to find the problem.”

Thank you Dr. Gable!!
Nominated by a patient, 9-8-11

Darlene Dement, Danette Gotch, Kathy Hughes, Maggie Reeb
Thanks to the Loyola employees who have helped make the 2011 Junior Summer Program an outstanding success. Their willingness to orientate these young students to the activities in their departments has made this program go smoothly for the past six years, They have all demonstrated the “Care, Concern, respect & Cooperation” that is the core of the “Magis Spirit” at Loyola.

Lynn Ford, 8/30/11

Susanne Tidow
Dr. Tidow explained everything very well, and follow-up on both eye surgeries. I am very please with the services and would recommend her highly.

nominated by patient, 8-17-11

Kathy Hughes
Kathy Hughes has received a MAGIS award for the care and concern she showed a Medical Student for his research grant. Without her help, he would not have been able to complete this as he was very ill during the time it was due. Although we commend Kathy for doing her job, this was certainly above and beyond.

Charles Bouchard, MD
Dr. Bouchard has received a MAGIS star from a grateful patient! She stated that Dr. Bouchard has demonstrated that he really cares about her eye health and is a very personable physician. Thanks for making us look good Dr. Bouchard!