MAGIS Star Award Nominations: 2010
Shuchi Patel, MD
Please congratulate new faculty member Shuchi Patel, MD on receiving her first MAGIS award! The patient who nominated her was so grateful and commented extensively on her doctor/patient relationship.

Charles Bouchard, MD

Dear Friend,
If you are receiving this, it is because I want to thank you for being part of my health team. Because of each of You, I am leaving tomorrow to attend a wonderful experience with my nine-year-old grandson. We will be doing lots of things, including white water rafting, kayaking and wall climbing. We’ll do this in the town my mother grew up in and near where we had our honeymoon.
Thank you SO much! I could not have had this opportunity without your help………….
Mary Jacqueline De Thome, May 28, 2010

James McDonnell, MD
Dr. McDonnell received a MAGIS star for coming to the aid of an employee who was choking. Dr. McDonnell applied the Heimlich maneuver and dislodged the obstruction. Way to go Dr. McDonnell!

Walter Jay, MD
Dr. Jay has been selected by the Awards Committee of Faculty Council as the Loyola University Chicago Faculty Member of the Year, 2010, and the recommendation was accepted by acclaim at their last meeting. This honor recognizes Dr. Jay’s outstanding work that he has done as a research ophthalmologist, his various contributions to visual science, and his service to the public in the field of ophthalmology as well as his long and productive commitment to Faculty Council. Congratulations!

Dr. Jay will be honored as Faculty Member of the Year at the Fall Faculty Convocation. He will also receive an honorarium and a plaque to mark his achievement.

Walter Jay, MD is truly Loyola's Very Own Faculty Member of the Year!

Denise Goodie
Join me as I congratulate Denise on her latest MAGIS star. Denise was given very high praise by a nurse who was a patient in our retina clinic. Trained medical patients can be the hardest to please - but this patient said Denise was kind, gentle and professional, not only with her, but with ever other patient she observed as she waited in our dilating area. Thanks Denise - this is truly a good thing!

Felipe de Alba, MD
Dr. deAlba is to be congratulated on receiving yet another MAGIS star, this one from a grateful patient.

The patient, Ms. Meegan Cavanaugh said:
I can't believe this man, he is wonderful. My sight is so much better now and I am very appreciative. Thank you very much for everything and I will see you in May.

Way to make us look good Dr. deAlba - keep up the great work!

Bill Bonk and Denise Goodie
A recent patient, Donald Warren called and asked that both Bill and Denise were given a MAGIS star for their recent care when he was in our clinic.

Thank you Bill and Denise for your continuing professional relationship with our patients!

Hadiya Johnson
Hadiya, thank you for taking such good care of our patients. The awards you receive are from patients, as well as staff who are our patients. The staff/patients can be some of the worse critics - so if you are wowing them, you have to really be good.
Thanks so much for making Ophthalmology shine.

Hadiya Johnson
Well, Hadiya's done it again. A Loyola employee (from another department) says she's been meaning to ask for a MAGIS star for Hadiya for some time now and has finally done it. She says she calls Ophthalmology a number of times per week and always speaks with Hadiya. She is impressed by the way she treats everyone.

Congratulations Hadiya - we appreciate you.