MAGIS Star Award Nominations: 2009
Jackie Ciombor, Darlene Dement, Kathy Hughes and Maggie Reeb
Thanks to the Loyola employees, Jackie Ciombor, Darlene Dement, Kathy Hughes and Maggie Reeb who have helped make the 2009 Junior Summer Program an outstanding success. Their willingness to orientate these young students to the activities in their departments has made this program go smoothly for the past four years. They have all demonstrated the care, concern, respect and cooperation that is the core of the "Magis Spirit" at Loyola.  

Lynn Ford, 09/08/2009

Hadiya Johnson
Please congratulate Hadiya on receiving a MAGIS award. Hadiya's award came from helping one of our patients who is also an employee. Congratulations Hadiya - the patient said "thanks for caring."

Hadiya Johnson
Please join me as I congratulate Hadiya on yet another MAGIS STAR award. Hadiya, you really, really make us look good. Thank you for your continuing pursuit of excellence.

Comments from Nominator Linda Krause:
Hadiya is such a pleasant, helpful employee, never hesitates to help answer any questions regarding a patient, and should be given a Magis award. I have to call ophthalmology a number times a week and have always been impressed with the way she treats everyone, other coworkers have also commented on Hadiya. Thank you Hadiya!

Bill Bonk
Please congratulate Bill on receiving a MAGIS award from a grateful patient. The patient states that Bill took the time to explain everything - and she is grateful.
Bill, thanks for making us look good!

Kathy Hughes
I had to take the time to tell you what a wonderful experience I had.  I had a situation that needed immediate attention so I called the doctor's office.  I was pleasantly surprised to receive such a greeting!  It was warm and inviting.  Kathy was very helpful and gave me options. She even listened to me without interrupting and went the extra mile.  I could hear the smile in her voice.  She even faxed the info to me!  

I applaud her efforts during these tough economic times.  It's wonderful that she displayed MAGIS to me and I appreciate it!  Thank you Kathy Hughes!

Nominated by patient, Lynn 10/23/09

Kathy Hughes and Maggie Reeb
I would like to recognize Kathy Hughes and Maggie Reeb for their demonstration of MAGIS spirit in these weeks since the work force reduction. Though shaken by the loss of valued co-workers, both Kathy and Maggie rallied and worked most cooperatively with me in dividing and assuming the responsibilities of the now vacant positions. This is especially noteworthy because they both already had very "full plates" and in most instances they assumed work for which they were not previously trained. I applaud and greatly appreciate their willing spirits and the positive attitudes they maintained during this very stressful period.

Submitted by: Jacqueline Ciombor, July 7, 2009

James McDonnell, MD
"We love you so much, The Ata family."

Nominated by patient's family, the Ata Family, on 4/7/09

Allison Landes, MD
patient was seen in the Ophthalmology eye clinic for Metal FB on 1/31/09. He shared that he was very pleased with the professional and thorough care given to him by Dr. Allison Landes. Stated that it is the best eye exam he has ever had.