MAGIS Star Award Nominations: 2008
Denise Goodie
I would like to compliment Denise for her work ethic, compassion and kindness which she showed me on my recent visit with Dr. deAlba. She is a sweetheart! Thank you.

Submitted by: Kathleen Downs, 11-3-08

Nancy Quandt
On behalf of the employee health fair planning team, I want to take this opportunity to thank you for hosting a booth at the employee heath fair on 10/29/08. Over 500 employees attending this event and all the feedback we received was positive on the information provided and the screenings offered. It could not have been such a successful event without your participation.

Thanks again for your help!

Pamela Fletcher, Human Resources

Jacqueline Ciombor
Jackie went the extra mile in helping my family and I locate and process paperwork. This enabled us to recover thousands of dollars from our insurance company. This was not an easy task. On behalf of myself and my family I want to say thank you to Jackie for the outstanding service she gave us.

Submitted by: Ed Waszak

Denise Goodie
Ophthalmic Assistant
Ophthalmic Outpatient

While people are very nice in Ophthalmology, it was refreshing to have someone introduce herself prior to taking medical information. It is a small thing, but we must remember it is the small things that sometimes make such a positive difference in a patient's experience. Recently I have been in the Ophthalmology department fairly often, Denise always introduces herself.

Jacqueline Ciombor, Kathy Hughes, Darlene Dement, Maggie Reeb
and Lezlie Sorensen

Thanks to the Loyola employees who have helped make the 2008 Junior Summer Program an outstanding success. Their willingness to orientate these young students to the activities in their departments has made this program go smoothly for the past three years. They have demonstrated the care, concern, respect and cooperation that is the core of the “Magis Spirit” at Loyola.

Nancy Quandt, RN
Nancy helped expedite an appointment for a patient. Nancy responded to patient’s need and even did a follow up on the patient. Thank you for a job well done!

Maria Gonzalez and Jacqueline Ciombor
Both Jackie and Maria went way above the call of duty trying to schedule an appointment with a high needs patient right before the holiday.

The patience and understanding shown was a Magis value demonstrated to the fullest.

Thanks, Maria and Jackie!

Denise Goodie
Denise Goodie really is a Goodie! Her concern and kindness have exceeded her job requirements. Our fourteen year old daughter will soon be having MAJOR SURGERY and everyone knows at this age how sensitive we are about our appearance. Tara really took the time to treat the HUMAN SPIRIT, she rocks!! Thank you Denise! Keep shining, because you're a star!