Jay I. Perlman, MD, PhD        
Jay I. Perlman, MD, PhD
What is Ophthalmic Pathology?
Ophthalmic pathology (also known as eye pathology or ocular pathology) is the subspecialty of Pathology and Ophthalmology that focuses on diseases of the eye and its neighboring tissues. The neighboring tissues (or ocular adnexae) include the eyelids and periocular skin, lacrimal system, and the orbit. Clinical ophthalmic pathology involves gross and microscopic examination of these ocular tissues excised by Ophthalmologists to provide a diagnosis of ophthalmic disease.

Services Provided
The Ophthalmic Pathology service specializes in histopathologic diagnosis of ocular disease in conjunction with the Department of Pathology and the Loyola Medical Laboratories. We provide service to physicians from Loyola University in addition to welcoming consultation from other ophthalmologists and hospitals. If you wish to send an ophthalmic specimen for consultation please contact Loyola Medical Laboratories (1-888-LML-LABS).

The following information must accompany each specimen:

  • Patient name and Date of birth
  • Specimen description and location
  • History and procedure
  • Clinical diagnosis
  • Insurance information
  • Physician name
  • Address and phone number
  • Where to send report